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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I was reading an article on the other day entitiled What to Ask Your Wedding Videographer and thought it would be helpful for me to share with you as this is my first blog post to

Here’s one movie you’re bound to watch over and over again―get it right and you’ll love every single viewing.

1. What is your video style―cinematic or documentary?

If you want the videographer to create an artistic movie of the wedding, you will want someone who can apply feature-film techniques. If you want a traditional video chronicling the day from start to finish, go with someone who is skilled in shooting in a documentary style. Don’t expect a professional who makes traditional wedding videos to put together a cinematic film.

2. What is your storytelling approach?

Make sure you and the videographer are on the same page about how you want the day documented. Ask to see samples of his or her recent work.

3. What type of coverage do you offer?

The number of hours a videographer will shoot and the film he or she will use vary by vendor. Many pros offer a nice variety of options. Pick one that works best for the wedding’s schedule, style, and budget. Once you select the package, the coverage should be detailed in the contract.

4. What type of video or film format do you use?

Most videographers today shoot on digital film and produce DVDs (as opposed to VHS tapes) that offer extremely sharp images and last for more than 30 years. Some shoot on Super 8 (eight-millimeter) film, or digital film that gives the same nostalgic, vintage effect as Super 8 but is not as expensive.

5. How will the audio (sound) be handled?

You won’t want an annoying microphone hanging over you or your guests throughout the day. Nowadays, most quality video cameras feature microphones that pick up clear sound. If a videographer wants to record the best audio during the vows, he or she will place a wireless mic on the officiant or groom― never on the bride, as it might affect the wedding dress.

6. What types of cameras/lighting will you use?

Hire a professional who owns the most advanced and modern equipment to ensure the best picture quality. The latest video cameras are more light-sensitive, so the videographer doesn’t have to bring in harsh, glaring, or obtrusive lighting.

7. How many other weddings will you be shooting on my wedding day?

You will want to know that you’ll have the videographer’s full attention and time. If the person is overbooked, he or she may rush through your event. Be sure your wedding doesn’t overlap with another.

8. Will you coordinate with my photographer?

It’s a good idea to have the videographer and photographer meet, even for just a few minutes before the ceremony, to collaborate on the video and photography coverage. You do not want them competing for shots, which can create an uneasy atmosphere.

9. What is your editing process?

Some videographers use an in-camera editing technique to cut costs. But this process, in which the person tries to shoot the raw footage as cleanly as possible to reduce editing time later, can produce a low-quality video. Wedding videos should be professionally edited postproduction, after the film negative is uploaded onto a computer. Once the film is on the computer, the videographer can edit on-screen. Pros usually take three hours to edit one hour of video footage.

10. Do you offer HD-ready video?

In the age of high-definition television, this is good to know. If you are investing in a quality wedding video, you’ll most likely want to receive the most up-to-date product, which offers the sharpest pictures and will be compatible with any high-tech entertainment system that you want to set up.

~Antisha is a wife, mother and wedding filmmaker,  Bluvision Wedding Films is based out of Kansas City and available for travel~

frazzled………….. to say the least

Friday, March 19th, 2010

So I am halfway there…… and I am feeling it.  Run down, ragged, stressed, and ready for this to be done.  I feel like I have planned just about enough details, and it is wearing on my patience.   Not just that, but my sobriety.   Right now I have about 90 days clean time…… which is awesome, but everyday is a battle.

As far as my 90 days go, I could not have accomplished it without God and the help of my awesome friends, and of course- Mr. Culberson.  (Mostly God though……. to stop using after a 14 year streak honestly requires a miracle)

Bands are slowly coming together, however I just found out that the one we were relying on for a good majority of our entertainment for the evening only has about an hour set list.  So it’s back to the drawing board to get yet another band to add to the nights festivities.  I need someone that can play for a good two-three hours.  Hopefully I can find that band soon, in my budget.

We do have three bands booked right now though, which is awesome………….  one of my favorites Mue Sephei (you can check them out @ ) they are going to do the ceremony music and some light reception music , Mr. Culbersons band- Dreams Scar Reality (check them out @ ) and our third band is a cover band made up of the guitar player & singer from Dreams Scar Reality, and a girl named Jessica on bass.  They are pretty cool too.  So it looks like one of my top priorities is finding another band.

Moving on…………….. I picked out some bad ass tuxes.  They are a Calvin Klein 2 button shadow striped with teal vests and ties and black shirts.  Shoes are black & white patent leather.  The great debate now is weather the guys want to rent the tuxes I picked out.  Or go out and  buy a pair of black dress pants & a black shirt, ditch the vests, and wear a turquoise tie.  Then wear a pair of zebra stripe slip on Vans.

Here’s the tux:

Granted they look slick, but I know the jackets & vets will be ditched right after the ceremony.  If we do rent tuxes, we will be renting them from the Men’s Wearhouse.  They are located all over the nation, your men can be fitted wherever it is convenient for them and pick up the tux in your wedding location.  They also have great deals like rent 5 get the grooms free.  Rentals include two shirts (in case guys sweat through one), suspenders, cuff links, ties & vests, and shoes.  Rentals also start as low as $49 and go up to $169.

Other stuff of randomness………………….

We started to register.  We’re going with Target & taking Mrs. N’s advice and going for Bed Bath & Beyond.  My dad & sister are also going in on a car for us as a wedding gift…… which is cool.  For the past year we have been a slave to car pools, public transports & taxis.  It will be nice to have our own set of wheels again.

I’ve made some other changes too- our guest list is ever growing.  We’re at about 110.  So the 80 invitations I had bought were just not going to cut it.  I decided to return them and go with printed post card invites from Vistaprint, and do all of my RSVP’s by phone or web to save on paper and postage.  Once I get them ordered I’ll put a sample up here to show the world.  They’re much cheaper- and postage is cheaper.  Then for out of town guests, all of our lodging, directions, maps, areas of interest, general stuff will be on our website.  (I am working on a wedding website right now…… more details on that to follow…… stay tuned)

Anyway………………. I have about ten minutes to get my stuff together before I have to run out the door.   Thanks for reading my rant……. and if you have any ideas of what you think we should write about- let us know in our comment section.  We’d love to know.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Virtual *free* Save the Dates………… I'm in love

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

So I stumbled upon some free virtual save the dates.  There are many designs to choose from, you can edit and design the way you like and you can send them via e-mail to as many of your guests as you want- and the best part is…….. they’re free!  Sent some out, but found out you need to invite ten more people? No problem- your design is saved and you can send out more at any time.

Check out – your source for online invitations, announcements, and greeting cards.

The code you’re going to want to get your free save the date is as follows “COCOWEDDING”(expires March 1, 2011).

Are most of your guests tech savy? Want to cut down on paper waste and save on postage? They have great plans that allow you to create all of your wedding stationary and work off of your already uploaded e-mail list.  If you use the “COCOWEDDING” code you can get a one year deluxe on-line invitation package+cards+stationary at half price for only $49.

Worried about having to type out all of your pals e-mail addresses? It imports from yahoo, AOL & Outlook.  Pretty nifty.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Back to my wedding website.  I’ll write more on that later.  Also, my hall excursion and booking.  Stay tuned.

the search for the perfect centerpieces

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I keep searching on-line for the perfect centerpieces…………. something whimsical, something fun, something that captures us as a couple.  Nothing with flowers, mirrors or candles.

I’ve found some cool ideas.  Old books, you could even use books of quotes about love and place empty journals with pens around for loved ones to write in on your special day.

Then the idea of beta fish came about (gold fish usually go belly up in a plain bowl mid reception, so it is best to use something a bit heartier), with stones to match our wedding colors.  That is fun, but I wanted something a little more personal.  Note- if you do decide to go with fish and not all of your guests take them home after the night is through and you don’t have a use for ten fish with bowls; offer them new homes on CraigsList, FreeCycle, or even call local nursing homes & adult foster care homes and ask if some of the patients would be able to have a fish in their room and donate them.  There are people out there just waiting to give your fish a loving home.  Please find them homes if you are going to use them for centerpieces.  Do not buy fish just for looks then flush them.

Nothing really hit me………… so I kept looking, and thinking………….. and then it dawned on me…….. PEZ dispensers and travel board games! Yes, I’m serious………… there’s a method to my madness.   Read on.

I have been collecting PEZ dispensers for almost 15 years and I have hundreds, I could display some of my favorites as table centerpieces.  Then around candy filled dispensers we will place travel size board games.  I’m thinking the classics…….. battleship, finger twister, uno, cribbage, scrabble, yatzee, chess, checkers, hungry hippos.  Just a warning to Mr. Culberson……… I am totally going to rule the tables in a game of bride vs. groom wedding night battleship, you’re going down.

My objective ——–>To bring tables of people together.  To break the ice a bit…… and most of all to provide an alternative form of entertainment for people who don’t want to dance.  They can sit and just chill, enjoying the music, playing a game or a hot game of cards.   I think if it is done right, it will be pretty cool…… and it is something our guests will definitely remember.

So that is my new mission, the search for cheap travel games for the tables.  I have already bought the finger twister game.  Found that bad boy on E-Bay for $3.99 with $1.99 shipping.  Not too bad for a game brand new in box.  I have posted wanted ads on both CraigsList & FreeCycle.

If you haven’t heard of FreeCycle & CraigsList or checked them out, they are a must for anyone looking for deals.  CraigsList is a local on-line market place for buying/selling/trading  (great place to resell your wedding stuff when you’re done) you find your state and closest city and get started that way.  Both buying & selling are free.  FreeCycle is a group where everything is free, that is the one rule- everything must be free.  You can post things you are giving away, or things that you want/are looking for.  Check out for more information and to find a group near you.  I find this to be a great way to recycle unwanted items.

Also, if you haven’t heard of it (but really, who hasn’t?) check out E-Bay .  I have bought so much for our wedding there.  It is the ultimate on-line marketplace with sellers from all over the world.  I love E-Bay.  It doesn’t cost anything to become a member and buy things, all you pay for is your purchases.

Thoughts?  Tacky?  Creative?  Clever?  Boring?  I’d love some feedback.  My bridesmaids think it’s a great idea…………. but something tells me their job is to think all of my ideas are great ideas.  After all, I am the bride.

Anyway- I am off…………. my lady is on her way and we’re having a fun filled weekend.  Going to be doing some baking, and we’re going to go see the new Alice & Wonderland.

To Thy Self Be True

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

You said “yes” to the biggest question of your life (something more important then paper or plastic), you’ve told the world, you changed your Facebook status to “engaged”, you watched your ring sparkle from every angle (I found I liked admiring my newly engaged finger in the passenger side mirror while watching the diamonds catch the sunlight).  Ok now what?  All these decisions to make, but where to begin.  You know in your heart of hearts what you can afford, so don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting a huge wedding when you have a budget for McD’s.  Plus, nobody needs to go into extreme debt over a wedding.  At the end of the day,  no matter how much work you put into it or how fabulous you think your wedding was, outside of a couple of details, nobody’s life will be transformed by your big day. Unfortunately you will wind up remembering the happiest day of your life as the huge debt you are now carrying and will want to kick yourself every time you think about the doves you just had to release at the ceremony.

I think everyone is entitled to a wonderful wedding on any budget, but be true to yourself and figure out what details you absolute must have and what will set the tone for your party. If you think something is too much and not necessary, and you are doing it just because you can, save your money for a rainy day.  After all, we all hit bumps in the road, and somehow a car payment might be more important then rhinestones on your wedding cake. My over indulgent wedding detail was chocolate covered pretzels in hot pink bags with little labels that said “snack for the road”.  I still think it was a cute idea, but the amount of time and effort it took to put together 80 or so bags was so not worth it. Especially when many guests didn’t even see the bags and left without one, leaving me to take home tons of bags and eating chocolate covered pretzels for days. I forgot that people already had a great time, and ate lots of great food, and I didn’t need to give them anymore.

The bottom line is whether you have a million dollars or five hundred dollars to spend, there is always something more you can have or add; ideas and details are endless. Remember what is important to you and your future hubby, stay focused and stay organized (hint hint, helps like crazy!) and you will have an amazing wedding!