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Some Reception Thoughts

Monday, March 15th, 2010

This article is always very popular with couples, I’m reposting to get ideas for your reception.

We are always asked about ideas for receptions. We have answered lots of questions from brides who wonder what to do. Feel free to stop in and ask the WedPlanLady for answers to your questions.  Here are some of the questions we are asked.

How can I handle guests who respond to the invitation and state on the reply card that the number planning to attend is larger than the number invited?

If you truly can’t handle the additional guests, we suggest that you turn to your maid of honor or a tactful bridesmaid. Ask her to call the guests and explain that the bride would love to extend her guest list, but unfortunately it is impossible. The reason? Budget concerns or space already filled. If the person is offended – and some will be – they are not true friends. After all, they were the ones who have overstepped the etiquette boundaries. Often, the “extras” are uninvited children. To avoid this situation, the reception card should read, “adults only reception”. Emotions are involved in these situations; so don’t get upset if people sometimes act rudely.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what I should and shouldn’t do at my wedding. How can I please so many different people?

We suggest that you do not try to impress anyone. Long after the event is history, it will be your creativity and warmth that are remembered, not the suggestions that you did not follow. Have pots of your favorite flowers as table centerpieces, serve local specialties, label tables with your favorite places or hobbies, assign singles to a partner, place nibbles at strategic places, and be generous with warm greetings. The success of your reception depends on efforts to create warm hospitality.

Vera P. Fernandes
Owner, Certified Wedding Specialist
Weddings Simply Unique, LLC