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frazzled………….. to say the least

Friday, March 19th, 2010

So I am halfway there…… and I am feeling it.  Run down, ragged, stressed, and ready for this to be done.  I feel like I have planned just about enough details, and it is wearing on my patience.   Not just that, but my sobriety.   Right now I have about 90 days clean time…… which is awesome, but everyday is a battle.

As far as my 90 days go, I could not have accomplished it without God and the help of my awesome friends, and of course- Mr. Culberson.  (Mostly God though……. to stop using after a 14 year streak honestly requires a miracle)

Bands are slowly coming together, however I just found out that the one we were relying on for a good majority of our entertainment for the evening only has about an hour set list.  So it’s back to the drawing board to get yet another band to add to the nights festivities.  I need someone that can play for a good two-three hours.  Hopefully I can find that band soon, in my budget.

We do have three bands booked right now though, which is awesome………….  one of my favorites Mue Sephei (you can check them out @ ) they are going to do the ceremony music and some light reception music , Mr. Culbersons band- Dreams Scar Reality (check them out @ ) and our third band is a cover band made up of the guitar player & singer from Dreams Scar Reality, and a girl named Jessica on bass.  They are pretty cool too.  So it looks like one of my top priorities is finding another band.

Moving on…………….. I picked out some bad ass tuxes.  They are a Calvin Klein 2 button shadow striped with teal vests and ties and black shirts.  Shoes are black & white patent leather.  The great debate now is weather the guys want to rent the tuxes I picked out.  Or go out and  buy a pair of black dress pants & a black shirt, ditch the vests, and wear a turquoise tie.  Then wear a pair of zebra stripe slip on Vans.

Here’s the tux:

Granted they look slick, but I know the jackets & vets will be ditched right after the ceremony.  If we do rent tuxes, we will be renting them from the Men’s Wearhouse.  They are located all over the nation, your men can be fitted wherever it is convenient for them and pick up the tux in your wedding location.  They also have great deals like rent 5 get the grooms free.  Rentals include two shirts (in case guys sweat through one), suspenders, cuff links, ties & vests, and shoes.  Rentals also start as low as $49 and go up to $169.

Other stuff of randomness………………….

We started to register.  We’re going with Target & taking Mrs. N’s advice and going for Bed Bath & Beyond.  My dad & sister are also going in on a car for us as a wedding gift…… which is cool.  For the past year we have been a slave to car pools, public transports & taxis.  It will be nice to have our own set of wheels again.

I’ve made some other changes too- our guest list is ever growing.  We’re at about 110.  So the 80 invitations I had bought were just not going to cut it.  I decided to return them and go with printed post card invites from Vistaprint, and do all of my RSVP’s by phone or web to save on paper and postage.  Once I get them ordered I’ll put a sample up here to show the world.  They’re much cheaper- and postage is cheaper.  Then for out of town guests, all of our lodging, directions, maps, areas of interest, general stuff will be on our website.  (I am working on a wedding website right now…… more details on that to follow…… stay tuned)

Anyway………………. I have about ten minutes to get my stuff together before I have to run out the door.   Thanks for reading my rant……. and if you have any ideas of what you think we should write about- let us know in our comment section.  We’d love to know.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Groom's Corner – another step closer

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

December, 2009

The Giants are officially out of the playoffs.  They’ve lost to the dreaded Eagles.  But I am not worried.  They’ve never won a Super Bowl and hopefully never will.  Anyway after the game my girlfriend is talking about moving near me with a girlfriend.  I say it s a great idea.  Get out of your house, be independent.  Wait… I wish I still lived at home.   Anyway,  she starts talking about how much it will cost, and starts to talk about our future.  Holy Shit! The future, here it comes.  She starts saying that if she moves out she won’t be able to save money.  I’m like save money for what??  And then it hits me.

She starts talking about marriage, the ring, the future.  Guys don’t like to hear about the future.  Day to day man.  That’s how we roll.  Anyway, she asks me how people pay for a wedding?  I ponder the thought and say “the bride’s parents pay for the whole thing, don’t they?”  Nice try.  She gives me a look and right there I knew it.  I mean, I had to plant the seed right?  So I guess we are going to have to save.  Now, does that me she doesn’t move out??  I want to buy a house, or a condo, and maybe go back to school.  Wow I wish I was watching Sports Center.

Groom's Corner – musings of the almost engaged

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

2:10 AM

I can’t sleep.  It has been exactly 10 hours and 19 minutes since my girlfriend mentioned the words that every guy expects, but is never prepared to hear, marriage.  Marriage?  The C word?  I am freaking out.  Yes I do love her, and know that I will be with this girl forever, but where do you start.  The planning, the preparation, the spotlight. I am usually watching Sports Center this time in the morning.  Not writing a blog.  How do we pay for the wedding?  Where do you get the money?  Where do you start?  This is harder then I thought.  This is for every guy who is taking the plunge and needs a guideline to success.  This will teach you how to deal with in laws, opinions, and everything in between.  This is for every bride to be, and wife, to understand a guy’s perspective on engagement, marriage, and that inevitable word, commitment.

I must start by explaining how I live.  I walk out of my condo and to the right is the ocean.  I can hit the beach with a rock.  I live within a ¼  mile of 8 bars and can easily walk to all of them.  That is huge.  For reasons easily understood.  I am a teacher and so is my girlfriend, soon to be fiancée (wow).  Think about it, living near the beach, summers off, what a life.  As I walk out this morning, I cannot help but notice the fishing boats and barges out on the horizon.  I often wonder what they are doing and where they are going.  Only today I want to jump out in the ocean and swim to one of them.  Take me with you…ok I will relax.

~Yes Dear