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How to have an "UNdestination" destination wedding

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I took my fifth graders on a class trip to the Museum of Natural History today, which got me thinking of the movie “Night at the Museum,” which got me thinking of unusual and unlikely places to have a kids sleepover party, which then got me to thinking about unusual, unlikely and cool locations where people could get married.  Some place that’s not your typical venue.  Maybe a little exotic…but a place that would not require your guests to buy a plane ticket or rent a hotel room.  Kind of like an “undestination” destination wedding!

So I cam up with what I think are some interesting places where a couple could wed.  Now obviously some are more or less convenient,  if at all possible, than others, depending on where you live.  But nonetheless, here is a list of places you could get married in that might not be on an exotic island, but can be exotic in their own rite.

Museums – So obviously this is the first thing that came to mind considering that a museum sparked this thought.  More and more museums are building halls and making space to accommodate weddings.  If you’re artsy, this might be the perfect venue.  Also consider that there are hundreds of different types of museums, from classical to modern art as well as museums for almost any theme you could imagine.

Get married in a museum

Library – Anyone who watched the Sex and the City movie definitely paused in amazement when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character chose to get married at the NY Public Library.  I’m sure this would cost a hefty site fee, and keep in mind, most public libraries do NOT look like the one in the movie, but still a cool idea!

Get married in a library (pictured- NY Public Library!!)

Themed hotel or Restaurant – Why go to England, when England can come to you?  There are plenty of theme hotels, the most famous ones being on the Vegas strip, but if you look in your area, I bet you could find charming hotels and Inns that are European inspired and give the affect that you are “getting away” from home.  Along with hotels are the abundance of themed restaurants.  Asian, Caribbean, Moroccan, and some really offbeat themed eateries (Alice in Wonderland, Ninja, Prison, Jekyll and Hyde, to name a few).  Even a 50’s themed diner would be a great place to host your “destination” wedding!

Moroccan themed wedding

City attraction / historic building– Again, you will pay site fees for most of these places, but getting married  in the Empire State Building or the Sydney Opera House – that’s just too cool!

Get married at the Empire State Building

Zoo / Farm /Aquarium – Perhaps “wild animals” and nature are your thing! Why not get married at your local farm?  Even cooler, get married in an old fashioned big red barn.  Think of the amazing pictures you would get!  An aquarium is another option if you prefer water dwelling creatures.  The dark lit rooms with the glow from the water creates a beautiful setting.

Get married at the aquarium

Garden / Park – Maybe the whole wild animal thing isn’t for you after all…you can still have a beautiful outdoor wedding in a public garden or city park.  Warning: you might need a permit to get married in a public garden / city park, especially if you plan on having many guests attend.  If its just you, your mate and the officiant, you won’t need one.

Get married in the park

Bridge – I’ve heard of people getting married on bridges, near bridges, and even under bridges (well not under it, as in being in the water, although I would bet that has taken place before).  The wow factor of this is the amazing scenery and the great photo ops.

Get married under a bridge

Campground – I grew up going to sleep-away camp, so this one is especially fun for me!  It may require some travel, depending on where you and most of your guests live, but if you have your wedding in the spring or fall, you can probably get a good deal during the off season at a sleep-away or day camp with cheap accommodations .  You could make a whole weekend of it: guests sleeping in cabins, daytime activities like kayaking, archery, basketball, etc., and of course an outdoor wedding and reception to follow in one of their indoor or outdoor facilities.  So fun!!

Get married at camp

Theater – It may take some research, but you can find local theater’s in your area (possibly college campuses) that will let you get married.  I knew of a girl who got married in a theater.  The couple married on stage with guests seated in the audience.  Afterward tables were set up on the stage and space was made on stage for a dance floor.  They even had custom made playbills for their wedding programs and their names in lights outside the theater.  Way cool!

Get married at the theater

Warehouse – Lots of space for less $$ (depending on the condition and how long the space has been empty).  Good idea for large weddings, not so much for small ones.

Get married in a warehouse (Tobacco Warehouse NYC)

Vineyard– I love weddings that take place at vineyards.  That truly feels like a destination wedding to me.  Great food, even better wine, plus fantastic natural scenery.  If you live near a vineyard, definitely check it out if you are interested in the getaway feel.

Get married in a vineyard

Nightclub– When you think of a nightclub, you may visualize several things: celebrity sightings, underage drinking and fist pumping, bar/bat mitzvah parties or sweet 16’s.  That being said, there are plenty of clean and elegant clubs that would be able to host and cater your wedding – dance floor included.  With some creative decorations and a good imagination, you just might feel like you are traveling back in time to those club hopping days!

Get married in a dance club

Airplane hangar– You may very well need to have a pretty good connection, but if you can get your diamond adorned hand on one of these HUGE rooms, you can certainly at least give your guests the illusion of a destination wedding, perhaps even with a view of the plane they will not be getting on.  Kind of a fun and ironic  spin on the destination wedding idea…(Some couples have even gotten married on an actual plane.  I suppose you can do this in the air or on the ground.  Probably a little classier if you rented a private plane as opposed to saying your vows in Coach).

Get married in an airplane hanger

Ship or Yacht – Wait a minute, I know that these are supposed to be UNdestination venues, but sometimes there are cases where you can go somewhere without really going anywhere at all.  Confused yet?  Basically, it could be a neat idea to get married on a ship that stays local, sailing around your city and letting your guests enjoy the local view.

Get married on a yacht

Haunted House– What’s not to love about this one?  Can you just picture it – all of your guests getting down to the Monster Mash?  Seriously, there are beautiful old allegedly “haunted” mansions and inns as well as the typical fairground haunted houses.  Bold and daring couples with bold and daring guests would certainly be able to pull this off.  Already have a traditional venue picked out, but love the haunted house idea?  Have a Halloween themed wedding and invite your guests in costume!  And no – you don’t have to get married in October to have a costume party!

Get married in a haunted house

I could go on and on….but I won’t.  To wrap it up, some other ideas for your at home destination wedding could include: an army base, beach, backyard, mansion/ castle, dance studio, artists loft, sport center or arena, showrooms, roller rink, school gym, lighthouse, dude ranch, rooftop, golf course, plantation, cavern, etc.

Whatever you decide – make sure you pick a destination that suits your personality!  Happy Planning :)