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Put your best foot forward – in fabulous shoes

Monday, March 8th, 2010

I am a shoe-a-holic.  It is my biggest obsession and biggest vice.  I loooove shoes.  I loooove expensive shoes!!  I will wear a $5 dollar shirt and $500 dollar pair of shoes because there is no other feeling in the world to me like wearing expensive leather on my size 5.5 feet.  Its exhilarating!

I seriously just got chills talking about it!

So – you can imagine that my quest for wedding shoes were quite the adventure!  Although I adore shoes, I do not adore  aching, blistering feet.  When I indulge on a new pair of shoes, I try to be practical (as practical as one can be when dropping hundreds of dollars on shoes) and I really try to stay away from heels that are super high.  Realistically, I will not be going anywhere but to dinner in 3+ inch heels.  And it is actually very difficult to find some of my favorite designer’s shoes in 2 inch heels (although my I did find an adorably cute pair of Christian Louboutin mary janes with 2.5 inch heels – to die for!)

I knew that I wanted cute shoes for my wedding.  I also knew, that I wanted shoes that I could wear all night.  I did not want to have to change into slippers or sneakers for two reasons.  1) I am 4’11” – so I need all the help I can get, and 2) Mr. N is 6″ tall – and I would like to be able to dance with him without giving myself even more of a neck cramp.

The search was on for cute, kinda different, comfy and mid heel shoes.  For my wedding day I did not want to break the bank when it came to shoes because I knew I would never wear a pair of  satin white shoes again, unless I was going to a costume party.  So as tempting as it was for me to check out the Jimmy Choo bridal collection,  I decided to control myself (and buy a cuter pair of Jimmy’s that I could wear year round).

I ended up finding a great pair of shoes that combined the elegance of a great pair of expensive designer shoes, with a more practical price ($150-200 range as opposed to $500-$1,000 range).  Cynthia Rowley, a famous and fantastic designer in her own right, created a line of bridal shoes called “Something Bleu.”  These shoes are not only fabulous because they come in so many designs (flats to 3+ inch heels; strappy, open toed and pumps) but most importantly because they have a gorgeous robin’s egg blue sole – for your something blue!  These shoes give you traditional style with a little somethin somethin extra to give you a little more trendiness.  Check out the ones that I ended up wearing:

These are the shoes I wore!

These are the shoes I wore!

Blue soles

And here are some other really cute ones!

Open Toe

Ballet Flats


For those of you, to whom money is no object, Christian Louboutin ALSO makes blue soled wedding shoes but you will pay a hefty buck for them.

Christian Louboutin - Green Satin

Christian Louboutin

Or…you can always wear a cute pair of blue shoes for your something blue!

Sex and the City Wedding Shoes

Whatever you choose, make sure your feet are as happy and as fabulous as the rest of you on your wedding day!