Bluvision Wedding Films

Bluvision Wedding Films’ owner Antisha Gaitan founded her business
business in 2008 because of her love for weddings and videography. Her
passion can be seen in the level of work she puts into all of her wedding
films. She understands what it is like to bride since she was recently
married. It makes her smile to know that by choosing a wedding
videographer, her son will be able to watch his mommy and daddy’s wedding.
Antisha loves being able to capture the sights and sounds of a couple’s
wedding day because she knows their video will be the only way they will be
able to truly relive their wedding day. There is nothing like being able to
hear those vows spoken to you, laugh or cry during the toasts at all of the
stories people will share about you and think back to when you stepped out
to the dance floor for the first dance. Nothing has the power to do this
like video.

She has an eye for detail and a genuine passion for your wedding and
preserving your memories. She goes beyond documenting your wedding by
capturing the excitement and the emotions for years to come. She works with
every client ensuring that their wedding is a cherished memory. A bride is
not going to regret having a wedding video, but they have regretted not
having one.

Bluvision Wedding Films is based in Kansas City but is available to travel
to any destination you desire to have your wedding. Please visit the
website for more information.

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