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February 23rd, 2010 by Yes Dear

2:10 AM

I can’t sleep.  It has been exactly 10 hours and 19 minutes since my girlfriend mentioned the words that every guy expects, but is never prepared to hear, marriage.  Marriage?  The C word?  I am freaking out.  Yes I do love her, and know that I will be with this girl forever, but where do you start.  The planning, the preparation, the spotlight. I am usually watching Sports Center this time in the morning.  Not writing a blog.  How do we pay for the wedding?  Where do you get the money?  Where do you start?  This is harder then I thought.  This is for every guy who is taking the plunge and needs a guideline to success.  This will teach you how to deal with in laws, opinions, and everything in between.  This is for every bride to be, and wife, to understand a guy’s perspective on engagement, marriage, and that inevitable word, commitment.

I must start by explaining how I live.  I walk out of my condo and to the right is the ocean.  I can hit the beach with a rock.  I live within a ¼  mile of 8 bars and can easily walk to all of them.  That is huge.  For reasons easily understood.  I am a teacher and so is my girlfriend, soon to be fiancée (wow).  Think about it, living near the beach, summers off, what a life.  As I walk out this morning, I cannot help but notice the fishing boats and barges out on the horizon.  I often wonder what they are doing and where they are going.  Only today I want to jump out in the ocean and swim to one of them.  Take me with you…ok I will relax.

~Yes Dear

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