Bridal Undergarments Guidelines

April 27th, 2010 by Distinctively Charmed Ladies

Undergarments provide the necessary foundation in order to make the desired look possible. Undergarments can change the way your dress fits thus it is important to purchase them prior to the first fitting.

Support for the Girls
Comfort is the name of the game as bras with insufficient support or annoying wires cutting into your sides are huge no no. Ensure to buy a good, supportive bra that will provide lift and comfort for hours of dining, dancing, and posing for pictures.

If you plan on wearing a body shaper, it is advised to use the ones without stiff stays or whalebones such as Lycra or Spandex.

Like the bra comfort is the name of the game as there is no way to discreetly rearrange droopy panties, as the no one wants a picture while panty tugging. In the event that your gown is made of very thin or silky material it is highly recommended to use a pantyhose with built-in underwear.

If you plan on wearing a fancy garter belt ensure to test it out to in order to assess if you can bear the inconveniences it may have. Buy a garter belt that fits right around your waist and cannot be seen over your dress. No one wants to deal with wrinkly knees or having to try hitching up your hose due to the downward sloping garter belt.

Trial Run:
It is extremely important to try on your wedding gown along with the selected bridal lingerie before the wedding day.

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