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April 4th, 2010 by Chelseeieio

Yay me! I made it on here to blog. So excited to share whatever wedding knowledge I have with you all. I gather more and more with every event I photograph.

One thing I share with all my brides and grooms is a sheet of tips which help make their day LOOK pretty. A wedding is already so gorgeous. One of my favorite things to photograph. A gal in an amazing gown, a guy dressed to the nines, details that took months to perfect, flowers to die for…how can you take a bad photo? BUT some things do help!

Hope this list might help you all as you are planning and as you are picking your photographers:

Tips Tips Tips!!!

Preparation; the nerves, the joy, the details

Some things that can make this period even more beautiful if you have the option:

  1. Choose a location with lots of natural light. Get ready near a big window.
  2. Bring a wooden hanger for your dress.
  3. Make one of your bride’s maids in charge of your details (shoes, jewelry, make-up, veil, something blue…).
  4. Bring an invitation (or send me one before hand).
  5. Have all your brides maids get into their dresses before you, as soon as possible.
  6. Try and be ready 30-40 min. before the ceremony so there is time for some portraits!
  7. Groom: Think of a fun location near where you are getting married to do some group shots. (as the gentlemen are always ready before the ladies and it is a perfect time for some portraits).

Ceremony; the emotion, the guests, the kiss!

1.      This is just a matter of opinion: BE IN THE MOMENT…Cry, Laugh, Just be you, it is your day.

2.      Walk SLOW and smile. (that goes for all your brides maids and attendants as well!)

3.      Kiss SLOW! Hold that kiss…I mean why not?

Portraits; However YOU want them.

1.      Think about how much time you want to spend and let your photographer know for sure.

2.      When it is just the two of you relax, be you, hold hands, kiss, talk, smile.

3.      Give your group a little pep talk. Tell them you want to have FUN, but you also want to get done and into the PARTY!

4.      You don’t need to think of ideas because your photographer should come with plenty, BUT please feel free to shout them out if you have them! Your photographer loves to be inspired by you!

5.      Think of dismissing everyone at some point, so just the two of you can have at least 20 min. of portraits alone.

The theme: Relax, have fun, be you!

And because I can never blog without a photo…I mean duh, I am a photographer

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