Helpful tips that will ensure a successful reception

March 25th, 2010 by Distinctively Charmed Ladies

•Delegate wedding duties to responsible individuals who will adhere to deadlines as the last thing a bride should be concerned about on her wedding day is tracking down her cake or centerpieces.

•Be mindful of time. The wedding day can be the most hectic day and sure things will happen that may cause delays however drastic time set backs will impact the flow of the reception as most venues are on a 4-hour time frame.

•Compose a timeline in order to ensure that the important moments (i.e. father daughter / mother son dance, bouquet / garter toss) are executed thus eliminating the ‘should have’, ‘could have’, and ‘would have’ feelings.

•If you do not plan to have a wedding consultant, at least consort with one to review your contracts to ensure that the different wedding vendors (i.e. bartenders, photographer, DJ etc.) are in order to ascertain that the vendors perform the necessary services (i.e. are contracted for the right time, meet the needs for you event and to make sure that there are not any details in the contract that you may have missed).

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