For the First Time…

March 18th, 2010 by Mr. N

As some of us know, and others are soon to find out, one of the most exciting parts of your wedding night, is being introduced into your reception.  According to our video, I was extremely excited, even fist pumping and giving out high fives.  Having attended many weddings, I have seen couples get introduced to your “typical” introduction songs, but I have also been privy to some interesting choices.  This sparked my interest in researching some of the bizarre musical choices to be introduced to.  Below is a list of songs in order from “normal” to completely out of this world bizarro.

It’s a Beautiful Day (U2)- no brainer, can’t go wrong here

Another one Bites the Dust (Queen)- a little obvious

Are you Gonna be my Girl (Jet)- weird as she already said yes

Keep ’em Separated (Offspring)- uh hello???

Crazy Train (OZZY)- Ozzy is nuts, but he got it right with this one

Two Step (Dave Matthews Band)- great lyrics but a bit obscure

I want to Grow Old with you (Adam Sandler)- blah blah

Final Countdown (Europe)- for the 80’s hair lover…great one

I used to Love her (GNR)- this could be proof later on

Highway to Hell (ACDC)- does it get any better

Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)- her side might not appreciate

Aint that a kick in the Head (Dean Martin)- really???

Stranglehold (Ted Nuggent)- all I have to say is NRA

Love Walks In (Van Halen)- I walked down the aisle to this one

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)- can’t go wrong with Queen

Thriller (Michael Jackson)- maybe if you do the entire routine???

I’m too Sexy (Right Said Fred)-  I only wish that one of my friends had the balls to walk into this song.  This has to be a bad joke.  The band or DJ that allowed this should have any license to officiate revoked.

These are just some of the interesting songs that I found in my research.  There are a number of websites dedicated to wedding music.  From intro songs, to ceremony songs, to father/daughter dances, to mother/son dances.  Please stay tuned for some more blogs surrounding wedding music.

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