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Easy to use, with helpful tips, useful tools, and advanced organizational features, My Wedding Binder will make the difficult task of staying organized an easy one!

Wedding Calendar

At My Wedding Binder, we understand the complexity of keeping track of all the little details of planning your wedding so we provide you with useful wedding checklists and calendars to help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Our wedding checklists lead you through every aspect of planning your wedding including selecting themes and wedding colors, deciding on a gown, printing invitations, arranging the rehearsal dinner, and organizing the ceremony and reception. While our calendar enables you to keep track of important items with the option to receive text messages or e-mail reminders. Let our wedding organizers help make the planning of your wedding the enjoyable experience it should be!

Wedding Calendar Timeline

When do I book the hall? How early do I send out invitations? Should I send out ‘Save the Date’ announcements? The groom hasn’t picked out his tux yet, is that ok? When do I give the caterer the final count?

Your wedding day may be months or even years in the future, but planning time moves quickly and you don’t want to find that you’ve waited too long to plan any part of your event. Our wedding calendar timeline allows you to stay on track. You even have the option to print out any of our wedding checklists and attach them into your day planner or desk calendar to help you stay one step ahead of the ever ticking clock.

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